Fever / Rope Artistic


Only the playful seeming balancing over a thin steel rope keeps her above the heads of her audience and inspires artistic skills to a breathtaking dance between heaven and earth. Mariann Engels is no ordinary tightrope walker, she is a rope artist!

As if simply walking on a 12-millimeter-thin steel cable wasn't enough, she also sits comfortably on a chair and swings six rings to it, makes daring jumps through hoops or rests in the splits.

The highlight of the performance is the run on 10cm high heels over the rope!

Duration of the performance

8 -15 minutes, variable to design

Technical Datas

Two different rope constructions (free-standing and guyed) allow flexible adaptation to different show places.

Height of Hall: min. 4,0 m
Height of Rope: 1,4 - 2,0 m
Length of Running Rope: 5 m

"Fever" can be booked for events of all kinds such as gala, street festival, circus and variety programs.


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